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Cardboard cones

As specialists in providing material for the spinning industry, we are proud to present our range of cardboard cones, made of high quality paper with a special surface finish so that any type of yarn and thread can be wound and unwound perfectly.

The regularity and precision with manufacturing tolerances and our strict quality control are essential to give our customers the assurance that the yarn is wound correctly at high speeds. In turn, this will allow their customers in the weaving industry to work with the maximum peace of mind in this respect.

We supply a full range of textile cones with the different lengths, weight and conicity available on the market: 4º20’, 5º57’, 3º30’ etc. Our cardboard cones can be produced with different types of notches at the base, and various grooves including anti-compression grooves in the cone centre which enable the cones to be separated more easily.

We can supply cones with ecological water-based inks, with a wide range of colours and geometric shapes at the tip or at the base and we offer the possibility of customising them with a corporate logo.

Cardboard cones
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