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Welcome to the corporate website of INTERCIMAR.

INTERCIMAR is a company specialising in plastic bobbins and cones as well as cardboard cones for the textile industry. We founded our company in 2006 thanks to our long experience in the international textile market, in order to meet the market needs concerning all the phases of the textile sector production processes.

Providing a high quality product with an effective speed of service and at a truly competitive price is our main goal. We advise and inform our customers of the products that best suit their needs, giving priority to their productivity and their profitability at the same time.

From our headquarters in Navarcles, Barcelona (Spain), we are proud to offer our services to manufacturers undertaking the following processes: spinning, dyeing, texturing and twisting, in the major textile markets around the world, regardless of where they might be geographically located.

We keep up to date with the latest innovations in bobbins and cones, paying attention to both experts with proven experience as well as the sharp and dynamic minds of the new generations.

In INTERCIMAR our quality, technology, expertise and service enable us to work tirelessly towards the goal of being leaders worldwide in the supply of plastic and cardboard bobbins and cones.

“Create your future from your future, not from your past”
Werner Erhard

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